Kraft – Memories

Director Drew Lightfoot and Taxi Advertising lead us on a walk down memory lane. This whimsical journey begins with a man in his 30’s reflecting fondly upon his time in college. As he steers us through his life experiences, he magically transforms in to younger versions of himself. All the while, one voice guides us along the path.

Posterboy’s Danica Pardo carefully selected performance takes of the actors that would allow theVanity’s artists the most flexibility for building transitions. A combinaiton of conventional morphing techniques along with well-planned animations let theVanity create a seamless thread from one character to the next.

Every transition in the spot is unique. In order to allow everything to feel as natural as possible, Lightfoot and theVanity let the kinetics of the actors’ performance to drive the shape and feel of each change.


Client: Kraft
Title: Memories
Agency: Taxi
Director: Drew Lightfoot
Editorial: Posterboy
Editor: Danica Pardo
Online/VFX: theVanity