Mars – Treehouse

BBDO/Toronto elevates treehouses to new heights in the latest for Mars. Someplace Nice director Matt Eastman masterfully guides us through a tale of a father building the most amazing treehouse anyone has ever seen. Low on energy, our hero looks to his wife for encouragement. Along with gym-teacher-like advice, she offers chocolate. Dad presses on and creates something beyond his son’s wildest dreams.

theVanity teamed up with Eastman in the pitching phase to help conceptualize the shape the treehouse could take on. What started as pencil sketches quickly developed in to a detailed photorealistic treehouse created entirely in cg. Careful attention was paid to ensure realistic structural integrity, authentic woodgrain, and material qualities were all true to life. Click the thumbnails below to see the treehouse evolve from an idealistic sketch to include the precise details that would become our final treehouse.

marsTreehouse1 marsTreehouse2 marsTreehouse3 marsTreehouse4

Client: Mars
Title: Treehouse
Agency: BBDO/Toronto
Director: Matt Eastman
Production: Someplace Nice
Editorial: School
Online/VFX: theVanity