Parapan Am Games – Cyclist

The games are tough, the athletes are tougher. BBDO/Toronto and Suneeva’s Lewis partner up to showcase the excitement of Paralympic sports and the toughness of Canadian para-athletes through this this myopic film. The spot features Jaye Milley, a Canadian cyclist who embodies the social media hashtag #PARATOUGH.

theVanity was honoured to be selected to complete the visual effects for this spot. The film puts the viewer in the cyclist’s seat as we push harder and harder to train for competition. Saint’s Editorial’s Stephen Sora lent his editorial talents to the project and paced the footage to build anticipation and excitement.

theVanity’s artists were engaged in the early stages to help the director find creative solutions to achieve her vision. This spot is rich with invisible effects. Mountains were added, logos were removed, faces were replaced. Artists worked meticulously to enhance in-camera rain and wind effects through the use of custom created particle systems. Final live-action shot of the film features Jaye burning around a velodrome, theVanity was more than pleased to fill the stands with a crowd of cheering Canadians.

RMW Music’s brilliant sound design guides our emotions through the POV imagery. The sound effects and music carry through to the end supers and compliment theVanity’s visceral motion graphics perfectly.


Client: ParaPanAm Games
Title: Cyclist
Agency: BBDO/Toronto
Director: Lewis
D.O.P.: Stuart Campbell
Production: Suneeva
Editorial: Saints Editorial
Editor: Stephen Sora
Online/VFX: theVanity