SportChek – Be Better

Sid Lee and Sportchek inspire us to be better in their latest offering starring the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos. This spot submerges us in the burning desire to constantly improve and to be the best. “Be Better” features Stamkos pressing forward on a skate treadmill in a room overlaid with visual representations of his motivations and passion.

Directed by Mark Zibert, cut by Saints Editorial editors Mark Paiva and Stephen Sora, this 45 second piece moves at lightning speed from start to finish. We travel through practice hockey arenas, surreal arctic conditions, dive in to a video game, and jump in to a blast to the past. The spot reaches its climax just as Stamkos is about to burst on to game-day-ice.

theVanity was heavily involved in this project from very early on. After completing a pre-vis of each scene, theVanity’s artists were on set taking reference photographs to be used to recreate environments. Relying almost entirely on rotoscoping rather than green screen, theVanity tried to give Zibert and his crew as much flexibility as possible in order to allow creativity to be the driving force throughout.

Loads of CG created environments envelop Stamkos on this cerebral journey. theVanity’s artists created ice rinks, crowds, tunnels, as well as an entire video game environment.

Along with stunning visual effects, theVanity was able to lend its eye in the colour department. theVanity’s own Loren White completed the final grade after all visual effects had been completed.

sportchekBeBetter_1 sportchekBeBetter_2 sportchekBeBetter_3 sportchekBeBetter_4 sportchekBeBetter_5

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Client: SportChek
Title: Be Better
Agency: Sid Lee
Director: Mark Zibert
Editorial: Saints Editorial
Editor: Mark Paiva/ Stephen Sora
Colour: theVanity
Colourist: Loren White
Online/VFX: theVanity
CG: theVanity