Sportchek – Olympic

Sid Lee and Mark Zibert join forces to deliver a blitz of Canadian pride for Sportchek. These spots are dripping with the grit and determination of six featured Canadian Olympic athletes. Olympic glory isn’t obtained overnight, these stories give us a glimpse in to the work and dedication required to compete with the world’s best.

Mark Paiva artfully crafts each tale together to provide backstory in to what it takes to succeed. “Anthem” brings it all together and showcases some of Canada’s best talent.

theVanity was brought in to deftly enhance and refine details throughout the spots to elevate them beyond the already stunning photography. There are big changes like mountains, team Canada uniform changes, goggle reflections, airstreams in a wind tunnel, etc. But there are also loads of logo removals, rain addition, reflections, and particle enhancements.


Client: Sport Chek
Title: Anthem
Agency: Sid Lee
Director: Mark Zibert
Production: Sons & Daughters
Editorial: PosterBoy
Editor: Mark Paiva
Online/VFX: theVanity