Acura – Pulse

Director Chris Sargent unites with theVanity to deliver the visceral journey that is Acura’s “Pulse”. Exceptionally strong creative from Grip Limited coupled with Grayson Matthews’ detail-brimmed soundtrack take the viewing experience to a new level. Editor Paul Proulx keeps the spot on pace with metronome-like precision.

Man and machine connect resulting in extraordinary visuals that flaunt the beauty and power of Acura’s new RLX. Director Chris Sargent was able to tackle an impressive amount of this spot in-camera, leaving theVanity free to focus on creating and enhancing.

theVanity’s artists attacked this creative from every direction. Alongside rig removal and environmental cleanup, theVanity was given the freedom to create photorealistic enhancements in the form of clouds, cg birds, and sky replacements. In parallel to enhancing existing imagery, theVanity shot practical elements to similate plasmic bloodflow and macro shots of a forearm that could harbour cg hair.

Forging ahead, theVanity used a matte painting to bring additional grit to Toronto’s highways. CG pistons and fire were created to manifest the power of the new RLX. Graffiti, eye reflections, piston cleanup,… the list of treats and treasures is too long to list in this exquisite piece, sit back and submerge yourself in “Pulse”.


acuraPulse_1 acuraPulse_2 acuraPulse_3 acuraPulse_4 acuraPulse_5

Client: Acura
Title: Pulse
Agency: Grip Limited
Director: Chris Sargent
Production: Soft Citizen
Editorial: Married To Giants
Editor: Paul Proulx
Online/VFX: theVanity