Air Canada – Journeys Revealed

JWT flies us around the globe in this stunning spot for Air Canada. Directed by Romain Chassaing, the spot takes us on a journey from New York, to Shanghai, to Paris and everywhere in between. Skillfully cut together by Michelle Czukar, the spot uses a continuously flowing camera move that guides us through sixty seconds of postcard-perfect imagery.

theVanity’s artists worked exclusively in full 4k resolution in order to preserve to beauty in every frame of this spot. Subtlety and elegance take center stage through soft transitions and stunning blending between scenes.

Along with showcasing some of the world’s finest cities, theVanity’s artist needed to composite one entirely. Built entirely from a still photograph, New York city exudes life and energy withe the help of some heavily detailed compositing.

The icing on this gorgeous cake is the heavenly mnemonic featuring one of Air Canada’s finest jets surrounded by a sea of clouds created entirely in suite.


Client: Air Canada
Title: Journeys Revealed
Agency: JWT
Director: Romain Chassaing
Editorial: Panic & Bob
Editor: Michelle Czukar
Online/VFX: theVanity