CREA – Raid

Union and Steam director Benji Weinstein dish out suspense, action and comedy all at once in the latest for CREA. Shot in Mexico with authentic Federales, this spot follows SWAT as the prepare for a big bust. Panic and Bob Editing’s John Evans skillfully builds intensity over sixty seconds.

When buying or selling their home, many people toy with the idea of not using a Realtor to save a little money. They don’t realize the value of the tremendous amount of knowledge and resources a REALTOR brings to the process. In the latest spot for the Canadian Real Estate Association, a couple of new homeowners learn that the money they saved not using a Realtor is really no bargain at all.

theVanity’s artists worked studiously to deliver realistic night vision effects to help ramp up the tension. Because the spot was shot in Mexico, theVanity needed to address the architectural differences between the local and Canadian housing. Safety rigs were removed from our SWAT squad and laser lines were added to their firepower.



Client: CREA
Title: Raid
Agency: Union
Director: Benji Weinstein
D.O.P.: John Houtman
Production: Steam Films
Editorial: Panic & Bob
Editor: John Evans
Online/VFX: theVanity