Gatorade – G Series

For authenticity, director Mark Zibert wanted this spot for Gatorade to look and feel like it was shot during a real NHL game. The Vanity rose to the occasion compositing not only crowds, but advertising, camera flashes, and atmosphere.

TBWA/Toronto and Zibert ensured that the Vanity was on-set to get everything needed from the extras to give the spot the excitement of a real game.

To avoid contaminating the footage, no green screen was used here. Instead, the Vanity employed a large amount of careful rotoscoping to allow for crowd compositing to be done seamlessly. All of this needed to be done with surgical precision due the nature of the 1000 frames-per-second footage captured by the Phantom Flex.

The Vanity was given the freedom to execute a sleek looking product section to ice this cake. Using a combination of shot and created elements, the Gatorade G-Series bottles stand in a digital environment complete with glossy reflections. The bottles are kissed with light as lens flares, film flashes, and smoke reveal them one at a time.