Milk Alliance – Kitchen

DDB Vancouver and theVanity milk every moment in ‘Kitchen’. Directed by Soft Citizen’s Terry Timely this spots guides us through decades of hairstyles, trends, and decor. The visual journey is grounded by a simple trip to the fridge to grab the milk. This spot is one of three in a campaign cut entirely by School Editing’s Jon Devries.

Beginning in the 1970’s, our heroine gets up from her plate of cookies to fill her glass with cold refreshing milk. On her way in to the kitchen the phone rings, as she picks it up she takes a neon leap forward in to the eighties. We watch her juggle the phone as she navigates around pets on her quest for the fridge. With every step she takes, the kitchen magically transforms from brown wood to white plastic. At this point we’re catapulted through the 90’s, 2000’s, all the way to present day where she finally returns to the table, cookies, and finally a glass of milk. The spot serves as a reminder that throughout all of changes, life’s simple pleasures remain the same.

Using just 6 motion control passes, theVanity’s artist were able sneak in a relentless amount of transitions in to 30 seconds. We rolled in a hamster, animated fridge magnets, helped our feline friend with some acting woes, and dropped in countless objects in to the scene. All animations were created entirely in Flame. The peppering of settling objects brings just the right amount of magic to this nostalgic tale.


Client: Milk Alliance
Title: Kitchen
Agency: DDB Vancouver
Director: Terry Timely
Production: Soft Citizen
Editorial: School Editing
Editor: Jon Devries
Online/VFX: theVanity