Mio – Eye of the Squirter

Following up a smash-hit spot like “Changes” was no easy task, but Taxi2 got the band back together and knocked it out of the park. “Eye of the Squirter” presents an onslaught of visual comedy tightly strung together under the thread of Survivor’s anthemic track. Director Benjamin Weinstein guides us through carefully art directed vignettes. Each scene features our hero Calvin squirting Mio Sport while flexing athletic prowess.

Posterboy’s Griff Henderson deftly cut the story together with perfect comedic timing. Each vignette builds and builds to the crescendo of an explosive fist-bump.

It was decided very early on that it made more sense to accomplish all of the product squirts in post-production. Taxi2 and Weinstein trusted theVanity to shoot all these elements at a later date and composite them to the final spot. This allowed production the luxury of focusing on comedy and performance without being bogged down looking to pair it with the perfect squirt.

“Eye of the Squirter” is riddled with invisible effects including head replacements, set extension and cg background creation. theVanity also had the pleasure of creating an electrifying product demo sequence.


Client: Mio
Title: Eye of the Squirter
Agency: Taxi2
Director: Benjamin Weinstein
Production: Steam Films
Editorial: Posterboy
Editor: Griff Henderson
Online/VFX: theVanity