Mount Pleasant Group – Quitbit

Union Advertising brings theVanity on board to help with this evocative spot for Mount Pleasant Group. Beautifully cut by School’s Aaron Dark, this long format spot tries to break down the social barriers that prevent more active funeral and legacy planning.

It doesn’t time your run, it’s for when your time runs out.It’s like a Fitbit, but different. Very, very different. When your time is almost up, the Quitbit sends a notification alerting you that it’s time to start preparing for your final goodbye. This spot is part of a larger campaign; “The Art of Saying Goodbye”.

theVanity was engaged from the beginning in order to make the device’s interface come to life. Artists worked with the agency in order to create a natural feeling display for the fictitious band.

Once in the throws of production, it was clear that the device itself would need to be slicker than what was achievable for production. Starting on the shoot day, theVanity modelled, textured, shaded,and lit a device from scratch. The results are seamlessly blended in to the live action with stunning results.

To seal it all in, theVanity’s senior colourist Andrew Exworth gave the piece true cinematic qualities, perfectly befitting the creative.


Client: Mount Pleasant
Title: Quitbit
Agency: Union Advertising
Director: Matt Atkinson
D.O.P.: Brendan Steacy
Production: Steam Films
Editorial: School Editing
Editor: Aaron Dark
Colour: theVanity
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
Online/VFX: theVanity
CG: theVanity