Mountain Dew – Vote Harder

BBDO/Toronto and director Paul Middleditch deliver epic results in Mountain Dew ‘Vote Harder’. Three armies charge forward with grit and determination all in the name of survival. Only one flavour can live on, it’s up to the fans to crown their king.

Saint’s Editorial’s Mark Paiva delicately balances screen time for each flavour over the course of the spot. This spot builds towards a massive climax to declare the victor. Fitting with the time, battles of this scale are not won with kicks and punches, but rather with texts and tweets.

theVanity’s artists worked relentlessly to elevate the scale and the scope of the war. Most notably mountains were added in nearly every shot in order to give the spot the grandeur it merits. To ensure the director and agency were not confined by technical requirements, theVanity chose to forgo green screen in favour of rotoscoping. Crowd cloning helps to fill in the crusade. Along with the heavier vfx work, real fan Facebook quotes were added to signs throughout the spot, providing a closer connection between Mountain Dew and it’s fans.


Client: Mountain Dew
Title: Vote Harder
Agency: BBDO/Toronto
Director: Paul Middleditch
D.O.P.: Christophe Collette
Production: Industry Films
Editorial: Saints Editorial
Editor: Mark Paiva
Online/VFX: theVanity