Remembrance Day – Millions

They are our grandfathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, neighbours… heroes. They are Ontario’s Veterans. Their courage, service, and sacrifices have kept us strong, proud, and free. It is almost impossible to begin to say thank you for all they have done for us. Each year on November 11th we humbly accept the opportunity to show our appreciation and to recognize the contribution of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. “Millions” features historical photographs and footage from times of war. Each one of these images captures a moment of our history as a nation.

When Extreme Group chose theVanity to help them honour this very special day, we were truly humbled. Once Panic & Bob editor Matthew Kett had nailed the edit, theVanity’s artists got to work on creating cg geometry for a number of the still images used. To bring depth and dimension to the still photography, theVanity used a technique called ‘projection’. Using geometry that roughly matched the original photography, theVanity was able to recreate the scene in a 3d space. This method allows the viewer to re-experience the historical images in a new way.

Along with ‘projection’, theVanity added subtle light play, particle effects, smoke and dust to various images in order to re-animate the frozen moments. As a final pass, various blending modes were explored as way of threading the imagery together. On top of all of this, a type treatment reminiscent of military dog tags was added to compliment the emotional voice over.


Check out our Methodology for Remembrance Day.

Client: Government of Canada
Title: Millions
Agency: Extreme Reach
Editorial: Panic & Bob
Editor: Matthew Kett
Online/VFX: theVanity