Tim Hortons – Over the Boards

Everyone gets behind Sidney Crosby in this massive spot for Tim Horton’s. Director Mark Zibert and J. Walter Thompson Toronto create excitement and anticipation in this anthemic story. Posterboy’s Mark Paiva builds pace and scale throughout our journey.

The Vanity was brought in to the project early on to take on the task of filling the stands. The decision was made early on to create the bulk of the crowd in Cg. On set, the production team shot with only 100 extras for close ups as theVanity would ensure that every seat was filled in the final spot. To composite the crowd behind the live action theVanity chose to not use green and to employ rotoscoping in order to give Zibert and his team the greatest flexibility on set.
During production, theVanity’s artists worked diligently to photograph real people and textures so the end result could have as much reality baked in as possible. Creating the crowd was a huge effort and we’re very proud of the results. Move your cursor over the stills below to see before/after frames throughout the spot.


Client: Tim Hortons
Title: Over the Boards
Agency: JWT
Director: Mark Zibert
Production: Sons & Daughters
Editorial: PosterBoy
Editor: Mark Paiva
Online/VFX: theVanity